2 Years ago, on the 1st of May 2011, I founded a small blog by the name of WWHCurrent, a small website that would offer to give valuable insights to many individuals who would frequent this site.  From small paragraphs of text, Basic frameworks were created, and a basic framework was laid out. Posts became more structured, and managed to relay information to a well-off degree. On the whole, the blog became relatively popular.

And after such a colourful 2 years, it is unfortunate but I am here to announce the discontinuation of the WWHCurrent Project. Well Why? Well, a variety of reasons, some come very personal for me. Of course, the decision came with a lot of reason. After a detailed and down-to-earth analysis of WWHCurrent, the flaws that emerged were quite overwhelming. There were failures in the objectives that the website was trying to achieve, a failure in the content & mediums used, a failure in cohesion & motivation within the society itself, and developmental problems with the website even after upgrading, and more recently a failure in management on my behalf. The formation and managing of WWHCurrent has taught me many many lessons in life, and has instilled a tirade of optimism within me to achieve a better situation.

Still, do not be sad. Because this is really not the end. It may well and truly be the end for WWHCurrent, but I can tell you now that a new WWHCurrent is being developed. A new fledgling project (name under works), aims at looking at all the numerous problems associated with WWHC, and work towards the formation of the truly, next generation of Anime & Manga sharing & collaboration through the masses.

For now, no cut-off date has been decided for WWHCurrent. Though I would very much like to keep it as it is, it costs a significant level of capital to maintain.  It is likely the development of [project name] will take months, even a year to take shape, for this time I’m not compromising any flaws.

I bid thee adieu, and I hope you have enjoyed the reviews that we’ve been putting out together for the past 2 years.



DarrenW is very passionate about the Japanese Anime & Manga culture. Watching over 150 anime titles, cosplaying, collecting figurines and writing reviews, he loves to share them with others. He is the founder of WWHCurrent and its main administrator.

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3 Responses

  1. SparkNorkx says:

    Aw, that’s unfortunate. Good luck with your redesign coming soon.

  2. Anime OST says:

    Looking forward to the new project!

  3. Mu online says:

    Ahh bueno si es una desicion de vida sera mejor para ti, te apoyamos, igual nos ayudaste mucho y para muchos nos hiciste bien!

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