About WWHC

Updated on 16th January 2013.

WWHCurrent / WWHカレント Anime & Manga Blog is an open forum website, now purely based on providing reliable information with regards to Animation & Comics which arise from Japan.


It began as a basic social blog, which was used by the founder DarrenW as an online diary to discuss simple issues.

2009 – 2010

Through 2009 to 2010, the blog was used as a Travel Recommendation website.


Major changes were made. The website was remodelled, came with a new design, to perform different functions that it was intended to. Since the implementation of Anime & Manga reviews, it was renamed to “WWHCurrent Anime & Manga Blog”.

New authors & editors joined WWHC to help spread the anime & manga!

MedusaS, Trexus, FayeA, IAmBored and DaBrenz


In 2012, a new author Onii-chan, and a new editor, aaronsine, joined us!

In July & August 2012, the website underwent renovation for the third time since its rebranding. Many many functions were improved and the look of the website changed for the better.

The domain of the website was changed and a completely new design was used. Now, WWHCurrent will be used purely as an Anime & Manga website.


WWHCurrent officially got acquired by the “Associated Creative Composition Works”, a startup media firm bent on WWHCurrent becoming a worldwide-recognised website.

WWHCurrent underwent another renovation. A complete overhaul of the website’s technical systems and visual designs, and offered both users and readers to have a better experience!

The WWHC team decided to undergo re-branding again. This time, WWHC will change its logo, implement an official mascot, and change its brand name, to “WWHCurrent Anime & Manga Society”

In 2013, new authors joined us! MNoir, hoxle and Arisa!

A real-life conference was held with all WWHCurrent members!! The meeting discussed several critical and key aspects of WWHCurrent’s direction, the new posting and editing systems and future developments!

Fully paid advertisements began running to help promote WWHCurrent!

…And now it is the website you all know and love today! Support us by reading our articles!