Hello! It’s MNoir again. Today I’ll be reviewing an anime that I watched a long long time ago called Chrome Shelled Regios.

Chrome Shelled Regios - 01

Basically, the entire story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the entire earth is polluted and overrun with Filth Monsters. So the humans live in mobile cities called Regios, with air filters (the transparent layer) and everything to make sure that the humans can breathe and live without problems.

The mobile cities move around to make it difficult for the Filth Monsters to attack the people within the cities which the Filth Monsters prey on as an alternative source of food. The Filth Monsters are hardy creatures who live outside the cities, both on and under the surface of the polluted earth. They are scary!!!

Chrome Shelled Regios - Dead Filth Monsters

Here’s a picture of larvae stage Filth Monsters that have been killed by the super strong main character, Layfon Alseif the pretty boy! (who releases lots of pheromones and has a harem of girls who like him romantically but he doesn’t realize because he’s an idiot.)

Chrome Shelled Regios - Main Cast

Here are some examples of his personal harem aka the pretty girls. (There’s only 2 because I’m lazy to screenshot and I’m not a fan of fanart.)

Layfon (A1) used to be from the Lance Shelled City Grendan which is filled with lots of people who are very strong Military Artists (something like martial artists except they use a special power called Kei to fight). Out of the Military Artists in Grendan, the strongest are given the title “Heaven’s Blade Receiver” and given a Heaven’s Blade, which is a special and very powerful weapon. Layfon became the youngest Heaven’s Blade Receiver in the past, but he did something wrong and was stripped of his title and his Heaven’s Blade was taken away from him.

The Heaven's Blade Receivers of Grendan.
The Heaven’s Blade Receivers of Grendan.

Layfon chose to leave Grendan to live in the Academy City Zuellni to start his life anew, a life without fighting. However, when he arrived at Zuellni, somehow the Student Council President, who is also the person in charge of the whole city of Zuellni, found out about his past and blackmailed him into the Military Arts stream within the Academy.

The story follows Layfon from the time he enters the city of Zuellni, and describes how he struggles to come to terms with the fact that him being a Military Artist will not change. He forms friendships with many of the people within the Academy City and his past constantly chases up to him, haunting him like a ghost, in other words lots of hatred directed to him because of who he was and what he did in the past.

Throughout the anime, Layfon exchanges letters with his childhood friend Leerin in Grendan. It is a running theme throughout the anime.

Chrome Shelled Regios - Leerin

Personally, I think that it is a very sweet thing to do. ^^ I like the art of the anime a lot. It’s cute and it has a realistic feel to it. The plot itself is very interesting although I feel that it could have been done better in the sense that the story is really confusing if you don’t understand the background of the story. Especially the part that is dubbed entirely in English. That is the story of before the Regios were established, meaning it’s the past, long, long ago.

Chrome Shelled Regios aired in 2009. Official website here.

To end off, this is my favourite ending song from this anime. “Ai no Zuellni” by Chrome Shelled. ^^

See you again next time!