Hey Readers!

Happy New Year!!!! XD ^_^ %$&&^%*^()%$&#%*)^%E)&^(!!!!!!

Woops got too excited.

Random generic image pulled off the web XD

I hope 2012 has been a fun year for you readers, honestly.

For me it has been a most interesting year, having to take the most important examination of my life, as well as managing an anime & manga blog.

Many wonderful things happened this year for us at WWHC, the upgrade, new members, and new management! I feel like WWHC has been through a lot recently, which has helped it to grow into a better website, by being more professional and improving in quality. :]

So from all the team members at WWHCurrent Anime & Manga Society, we wish you a Happy New Year, and a better 2013 to come for your endeavours!

Happy New Year!!

This is a generic message from me, DarrenW, to you readers:

It has been an amazing 2012. To be frank, I cannot find a word to describe it.

Some of us have been through many obstacles this year, not only academic, but life changing for some,

We live in an environment that ensues us to progress, advance and work towards the future,
always steadfast, unyielding and directed towards achieving success.

But sometimes, do we think of the past? Those moments in time which we could reflect upon, the thousands or millions of memories etched into our lives.
Some made friends, others made enemies.
Some created memories that shine like the sun, while some are living upon regret.
And some are fearing for the future, while others ponder upon it.

And time ticks by, waiting for no one.

But always remember this. The future, though uncertain, will always be there for you, waiting for you to carve your life onto it. Do not be afraid, because there’s always something you can rely to, your recent past.

So as we approach the new year, take this time to remember those memories that were created not so long ago, and use it to forge your path onto the brave new future!

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DarrenW is crazy about the Japanese Anime & Manga culture. After 3 years of behaving like a complete otaku, he decided to share his passion with others. Hence the birth of WWHCurrent.
  • Edward

    In case you were wondering, the new year’s image is actually from Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu.

    • http://wwhcurrent.com DarrenW

      Ahhhh… Thank you very much!