Hello folks, it’s me here again with more random musings to bore entertain y’all!

Today I’d like to muse about, well, anime and manga, which, most incidentally, happen to be the crux of this whole website! (surprise surprise) I felt like doing so partially due to the boss’ (DarrenW) previous muse, so I suppose this isn’t exactly “random”, strictly speaking…

Personally, I find anime/manga quite synonymous with cartoons/comics. From my point of view, the only difference in naming is the place of origin – for example, I would call manga/comics from Korea manhwa, as per their romanization. Contrary to what DarrenW seems to have suggested before however, I do not think that cartoons/comics are meant for children/adolescents just as I think so for anime/manga. Yes, there are both cartoons and animes catered mostly for younger audiences, two very prominent examples being The Powerpuff Girls and Pokemon (respectively), but there are also those that aim at more mature audiences. Simply enough, hentai (in its non-Japanese usage) would be an extremely clear cut adults-only version of anime/manga. On the Western end of the spectrum, you have things like graphic novels and the likes. (sorry but I can’t give any more examples since I’m not well versed with Western comics haha)

No matter the audience, most animes/mangas/cartoons/comics/etc generally (and I cannot hope to stress more on the word “generally”) have some sort of lesson to teach, the most common ones being to value friendship, to believe in oneself, and the likes. Well, for more…graphic and erotically oriented stuff, I wouldn’t be sure though.

On my side, watching animated shows and reading comics while growing up has influenced me in many ways, and I am rather proud to say that it has been rather positive. I started an interest in basketball after Slam Dunk, cherished my friends more after Pokemon, and the list goes on.

Most unfortunately, anime lovers (specifically otaku) have a rather bad image. A quick Google image search of the word “otaku” proves my point almost instantly…or at least, according to Google, approximately 53 million search results within 0.32 seconds.

(well, actually I agree with the emptying-the-wallet bit.)

Anyways, my point is, animation is still not viewed positively in the world today, and that’s not a good thing. For some, it might be too childish, for others, it’s because of the weird-ass, batshit insane fans. Although, it’s not just anime/manga that has weird-ass, batshit insane fans… I mean, look at any idol industry in any country and there’ll be bound to be some.

Some people might call me a nutcase when it comes to anime/manga. I know I’m not, especially when compared to many others, but I have my craze too, (in my case, Pokemon games and Gunpla) as shown below after a quick look through my drawers…

Yep, I’m kinda nuts. This is what I dug out within 5 minutes – missing half of my unassembled Gunpla (yes those boxes are all unassembled), much less mention my assembled ones, and missing my Gen I and II Pokemon games. My friends and family may say I’m crazy, and yet I know those who are loads worse than me. Still, I love what I love, and as long as I don’t think I’m overboard with it, (not yet anyways) I’m otherwise quite fine with it. Of course, I’m not trying to say that I’m an expert or anything on either hobby of mine, too. (seriously, I’m not)

On a more random side note, I will be, most unfortunately, be taking yet another hiatus from here…you see, I’m from Singapore (which is a really tiny country in Asia) and guys have to undergo mandatory military conscription whether we like it or not. While I am not comfortable enough to openly and frankly discuss such matters in the open area known as the Internet due to my country’s very…sensitive laws and regulations, it is most undoubtedly true that conscription poses a major disruption to life. Nonetheless, I am very much looking forward to the next time I am able to come back here, and thank you very much for all the support you, the readers and staff of WWHCurrent, have given me. ^_____^

(on a side note, that last bit seemed too heavy, almost as if it was a self-given eulogy or something)

TL;DR – I find anime/manga synonymous with cartoons/comics, I love Pokemon/Gunpla, and I’m…obliged to take a temporary hiatus.

*Editor’s Note: DarrenW, Hoxle, aaronsine & Tr3xus are all registered for conscription in 2013/2014

(did a TL;DR because I kinda realized this post is rather text-heavy. sorry folks!)