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New Author: Hallo of a bunni

Yoroshiku onegai shimasu~! My friends call me Ban. Too many Jo’s in existence, and people love to misspell my simple name, no matter how articulate I am or how readable my hand writing is!...

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Anime Parenting

Over the past while, as I’ve been watching (and rewatching) quite a few shows, I’ve come to a pretty solid conclusion: parenting in the anime world is pretty messed up. To clarify, I’m quite...

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Random Musings: Learning Style

Hey guys, Happy Chinese New Year, for those who celebrate it! I’ve been studying a lot recently because my exams are coming in a few weeks and I feel that I’m making good progress....

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Random Musings: Being an MMORPG gamer.

Hey readers! Today I will be writing something different, well, something from my past. Yes, before I became an Otaku, I admit, I was a hardcore MMORPG gamer for some years prior. This is...

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Random Musings: Final Thoughts and farewell – aaronsine

Hello folks, it’s me here again with more random musings to bore entertain y’all! Today I’d like to muse about, well, anime and manga, which, most incidentally, happen to be the crux of this...