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haruta fall 2014 preview - Featured Image 0

Summer is coming to an end. Fall 2014 Anime preview

And we’re all sad to see it go. Hello readers, welcome back. This week is the last of Summer 2014, and we’ll be going into Fall 2014. Time really flies hasn’t it? In this...

The main characters of the show (Left to right) - Kokonoe Arata, Mishima Lisa, Hisami Touji 0

Initial Impressions – Zankyou no Terror

Dear readers, welcome back. I recalled saying to look forward to reviews after my last post introducing certain shows I’m watching for the summer yes? Indeed so, and I’m working on that.   Let’s just...

Psycho Pass Final - Featured Image 3


Good evening readers!! Yes, I’m back! I do apologize for the delay in the reviews! Some upcoming projects started to take my time away. You guys might hear from it soon! I will try to...

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Ao No Exorcist

OMG. This is… Ridiculous. I forgot that I wrote an initial impression for this anime. And this final impressions is sooooooo late. Please accept my humble apologies. It totally slipped my mind. So let’s go back...

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai - Featured Image 1

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

Hey loyal readers! I do apologize for the delays with my posts. I am currently in the midst of applying into University, and its using up all of my free time, literally. But now...